Creative Mornings

Every morning, there are so many things we have to do.
Waking up, bringing the kids to school, going to work, making a living, producing and consuming.

But what if, instead, we could design a morning according to our needs?
A morning to question, explore, learn, celebrate, enjoy and all those things we are normally only allowed to do during the so-called free time?

Why listening to our bodies, connecting, expanding and nourishing each other should be a luxury? What could be more important than finding out together what we really need to feel good, inspired and empowered ?
“Creative Mornings“ is an experiment open to everybody, all genders and orientations.

We will dance, share techniques, give and receive massages, propose and experiment different ways to relate, with distance, with touch, with kink and consent…
Everything we need to co-create a graceful morning together.

// Keine Anmeldung nötig – einfach vorbeikommen!// Drop-in-event – no registration necessary//
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03 Jun 2022


10:30 - 13:30



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